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30 Ultimate Bucks Night Party Ideas in Sydney [2022]

Putting on an Epic Bucks Party in Sydney?

Wedding season is approaching, and you can’t say “I do” without throwing an epic Sydney bachelor party. As it happens, there are numerous options for holding a significant event in the city that can accommodate any mood or style. Without further ado, here are the best Sydney bucks party ideas.


Ideas for a bucks party in Sydney don’t have to include going to strip joints or getting wasted on a bar crawl. There are numerous other activities that are entertaining, exciting, and out of the ordinary.



Sure, we all know how you’re “supposed” to spend your Buck’s Night, but sometimes a man wants to do more than empty his wallet in a sweaty strip joint or get pelted with paintballs on his last night as a buck.


So, for the brave groom-to-be, we’ve compiled a list of places in and around Sydney to make your Buck’s Night a perfect night of friendly competition, satisfying eats, and lots and lots of booze.

There are a lot of clichés when it comes to planning buck parties. But, if it’s time to plan your friend’s big send-off and you’re running out of ideas, there’s also a lot you can do that’s completely different.
The idea of planning a bucks party should be exciting, hilarious, and enjoyable… but it should not be intimidating. Although the stakes are high to make it a trip that no one, especially the Groom, will forget, the pressure to plan the perfect getaway should not break the bank or stress out everyone involved. So, how does one go about planning the ultimate boys’ trip? A trip that will please everyone in the family, from Grandpa to the youngest members? How do you decide who to invite? We’ve gathered all the details you’ll need to give the bucks a week or weekend he’ll never forget—or one he might not want to remember.
Before planning a farewell party for his best friend, the chairman of the planning committee should ask a few questions. You don’t have to be a professional wedding planner to do this, but if you want one, see our list of Wedding Planners in Melbourne. A good rule of thumb is to decide who will be invited so that you can get a better idea of which destinations will suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Sure, it’s natural to expect it to be all about the boys, but the truth is that both the groom’s father and the father of the bride should be invited, at least to a portion of the bucks party. Grandfathers rely on plans, so if it’s going to be a wild weekend, it might be a good idea to schedule a social dinner party for another time. The bucks party is also an excellent time to invite people who may not be able to attend the wedding because it allows them to celebrate with the group. Because it is more difficult to include everyone, this may be ideal for small or destination weddings. (As a side note, make sure that everyone invited will’mesh,’ which means that some people may need to be pulled aside to discuss decorum in the presence of older or more conservative family members.)
If you don’t want to be bogged down by figuring out who is coming, or if a destination has already been decided, go with it. Weekend bucks parties that get everyone out of town and away from their daily lives and responsibilities are what memories are made of, so why not go all out? When it comes to paying for the bucks party, it is customary for the groomsmen to cover the costs if the shindig is held somewhere close to all parties involved. Unless someone in the group is flush with cash and wants to throw down, the Groom should include his airfare and lodgings for destination getaways. There’s nothing wrong with everyone covering their costs, allowing for more activities and fun in the sun once they’re gone. The best man is usually in charge of organising the group, but everyone’s ideas will help to make it even more memorable.
So, while the bride-to-be is deciding which bonbonieries will go best with the table decor, gather your boys for a night out that everyone will enjoy.

Having a bucks blowout the night (or even the weekend) before the wedding is a no-no in true Hangover fashion. There’s no telling what shenanigans the group will get up to, and one man is always lost or left behind after a long night of partying. The party should be held at least three weeks before the wedding to allow for plenty of recovery time and to provide extra padding should the Groom get too messy and return with any extracurricular facial additions.


A bucks party represents the pinnacle of any group’s friendship. After years of being there for each other, the Groom and his soon-to-be wife are about to embark on a new adventure. If you don’t, it might be the last time you see him.. (we joke). In any case, his final weekend of freedom should be epic, cementing your bond and his memories of his final days of (metaphorical) singledom (not a word). While planning should be fun, it should also be well-thought-out to ensure maximum enjoyment with little room for error. Follow our tips for throwing the ultimate bachelor party, and your status as the groom’s best men and squad will skyrocket to legendary proportions.


Buck’s night, stag night, and bachelor party are all terms for the same thing. Whatever you call it, it’s supposed to be THE big party for your friend.


Whether you include the signature strippers or not (we don’t judge) or go down The Hangover route (again, we don’t judge), you can still buck the trend by adding an activity during the day that will thrill, challenge, or excite the event’s stallion.


Buck’s party comes before the speeches, before the photos, before the vows, and even before the last-minute scramble to iron the shirts.


This time-honored tradition allows a man’s friends to put him in amusing, terrifying, hilarious, and nearly unforgettable situations. And where better to do so than in Sydney? Or even Brisbane…in which case, we’ve got you covered there as well. Check out our list of Brisbane’s Unique and Unusual Bucks Night Ideas.

Golf Bucks Day Out in Sydney


Bucks Party Sydney

A trip to an indoor golf simulator Sydney will be on everyone’s to-do list for their Bucks party. But if the Groom to be in your group is a golf lover, there’s no way to argue with the fact that he’ll love the chance to play a few holes in some of the world’s best courses. It’s a natural activity to fit into the day or the weekend, and a perfect way to start a great Bucks party. If you want to move your Bucks party beyond just beer and breasts, this is a great place to start.

X Golf

If your Groom thinks he’s the perfect putter and a sensational swinger (only on the green, of course), but his skills to the test and encourage some healthy competition by taking part in the latest interactive sporting craze – XGolf.

Not just a sports facility, XGolf Australia offers the ultimate Buck’s night entertainment venue for you and the boys to eat, drink and be merry, by providing a unique combination of virtual sporting action, in-house entertainment, as well as food and beverage service, in a fun and competitive environment.

You don’t even need any previous golfing experience, and there are packages to suit all budgets. Par-tee time!

Go Real Escapes in Sydney

Get the lads together for a fun & interactive Golf Driving Range package where you can hit as many balls as possible within 2 hours. The multi-level driving range features a bar and food options on-site, is only minutes from Sydney CBD, TV screens to catch some sports and with epic views over the city! This package includes reserved VIP range section just for your group, 2 hours unlimited balls & 2 hr club hire. The range is super well maintained with state of the art facilities and FIFA grade turf to mimic the golf course, simulated water and sand hazards. Get the lads together for a fun day or night activity.

Sydney Gaming Bucks Nights

arcade games bucks party

Have you and your buddies been friends since you were pimply and playing video games all day long? Honour the past with a few shots of gin to match.

Lucky & Sons

Are you feeling lucky, Sydney? We’ve brought our good fortune to Moore Park’s Entertainment Quarter.

With a luxury bar, the newest arcade games and old school classics, this is a hustler’s haven, a player’s paradise, the perfect place to blow off steam. Winners, losers — our games don’t disfavour, consider your evenings spoken for.

Virtual Reality Rooms

Sixty minutes of access to the stand-up VR headset to be shared where they can choose from a variety of short virtual reality experiences. These include walking the plank 80 floors above ground level, flying around the city putting out fires and the adrenaline-filled packed, fast shooting, ducking and dancing action in Space Pirate Trainer. Other participants watch the action on the large TV screens, making comments and enjoying viewing the action while waiting.

1989, Sydney

With over 29 arcade games and pinball on the floor, from Donkey Kong to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ’89 is a retro gaming utopia and a fantastic place to eat and drink. Our atmosphere is always welcoming and laid back while our aesthetic is nu-apologetically geek chic (our feature was is made up of 500 real VHS cases).

Born from a love of classic video games and craft beer, you will find plenty to do at ’89 from the serious or casual gamer to those who want to relax in a unique venue or friends looking for a big night out – we have got you covered at ’89.

Bucks Dinner Out in Sydney

dinner bucks night


Let Chophouse make your event one remember! Whether you’re celebrating a buck’s night, a birthday party or a family reunion, our famous feasts will ensure that nobody goes hungry. Thirsty? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a fantastic selection of beverage packs to accompany.

Either take over our private dining room upstairs, which seats from 20-38 guests or make use of our semi-private area downstairs, and enjoy the bustle of the restaurant where we can seat up to 50 guests.

LuMi Dining

Beneath a multitude of pendant lights creating an intimate atmosphere, LuMi Dining comes to life under the guidance of Chef Federico Zanellato and his wife and Sommelier, Michela.

LuMi offers a casual fine dining experience. LuMi is ranked 13 in the Australian Top 100 restaurant 2018 by The Australian Financial Review Awarded in 2019 as the best Italian restaurant in the world by Gambero Rosso International LuMi is an absolute waterfront location surrounded by glass sliding doors. It is located opposite the Star Casino at Wharf 10 in Pyrmont.

Casual yet professional and friendly service.

Ormeggio, Sydney

Ormeggio at The Spit, located at D’Albora Marina, offers contemporary Italian cuisine in a spectacular waterside setting, overlooking Middle Harbour and Pearl Bay.

A comfortable dining room with bi-folding glass on all sides, glamorous boats bobbing around, front row seats to spectacular sunsets over the water and welcoming staff. Match all this with its delicious a la carte menu to choose from (along with signature degustation menus also available) there are dining options for everyone and no better time to visit Ormeggio.

Awarded two Chef’s Hats in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide 2020, Ormeggio has been a hatted restaurant since opening in 2009, as well as being counted amongst Gourmet Traveller’s Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants. Ormeggio is currently rated #15 in NSW Delicious 100 list.

The Firedoor

Experience, patience and instinct are the values we cook by, and we do it all for the beauty of ingredients.

At Firedoor, we work instinctively with fire in all its forms and seasonal ingredients. Our kitchen uses no gas or electricity. We have two wood-fired ovens, three grills and a wood-burning hearth. Our open kitchen allows guests a clear view of the action that unfolds in the kitchen. Chef and owner, Lennox Hastie’s fascination and focused approach to cooking with fire results in a daily menu of precision and subtlety.

Clubbing in Sydney – Bucks Party

clubbing bucks party

Want to party it up before the big day? Without getting into too much trouble with your partner, there are plenty of nightlife options around town. But first, rent yourself a party bus in Brisbane before you hit the best clubs in the city. Party buses often come with full bars, loud sound systems, and best of all, a designated driver who will get you home in one piece.

With a designated driver in place, it’s time to work out all those nervous wedding jitters. Brisbane is full of dance clubs that give you and the guys the soundtrack you need to sway and drink the night away.

Every Buck should have a wild and unique Buck’s Night, so check out any of these places for a night you won’t (intentionally) forget.

Home, Sydney

For the classic Sydney, big club night, you really will struggle to beat, Home. This is a pretty large club spread over a couple of floors. So there is plenty of areas for you guys who like to think you can dance like Michael Jackson to get down on the floor. And there are some more quiet areas where you can sit back and watch the ladies dance on the floor while you have a few drinks.

Civic Hotel

Civic Underground, formerly known as the Civic Theatre, is Sydney’s premier boutique entertainment venue. The venue has a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere with a strip of red light lines the bar, casting red hues onto a row of spacious white booths. The ceiling is illuminated by 26 LED square panels, which continuously changes colour, further enhancing the club’s already luxurious and seductive surroundings. The venue has an impressive sound system, including the world-renowned Allen and Health V6 and the Ramsa SX-1 FOH mixer. Civic Underground’s equipment and specifications will give you and your entertainers the ultimate experience.

The dance floor is sunken and looks up to the DJ or band, allowing your guests to have a dance or admire the entertainment on stage. Curtain devices on stage and a moveable DJ console with plasma installations also add to the flexibility the venue has to offer.

Marlborough Hotel

Tokyo Sing Song is a basement nightclub, live music venue, and performance space below the Marlborough Hotel. Now with two stages, a bigger dance floor, improved lighting, and a state of the art Pioneer Sound System (the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere), Friday and Saturday nights go late and loud every week. Promoters, DJs, record labels curate nights, and party crews who bring a multitude of sounds to space including, but not limited to, house, techno, disco, soul, hip hop, broken beat, jazz, Italo, electro, reggae, dancehall, grime, garage, and future bass.

Sydney Paintball Bucks Party

paintball bucks party man running

Ah yes. The paintball range. That perfect place to test out your offensive and defensive skills as you destroy the competition. Are you sure your best man is up to snuff? This is his chance to prove himself. 

Ever been miffed when your mate has left to hang out with his fiancée rather than stick with the boys? Now is the time for revenge. Gooey, slightly painful, highly colourful, entertaining, revenge.

There are multiple places you can go in Sydney, many of them offering packages for groups and games designed for severe action.

Hearbreak Ridge Paintball

Heartbreak Ridge Paintball is the ultimate paintball venue in Sydney to host your paintball Bucks or Hens party. Paintball Bucks parties are the perfect way to celebrate that special day with your mates. We can host specialised games for the Buck or Hen, which will make it a day that they will remember long after the wedding day.

At Heartbreak Ridge Paintball, we have been running bucks & hens parties for more than 25 years. We know that bucks & hens are special people for the day that deserves a special send-off. We might even have an outfit or two for them to wear, just so everyone knows who the target is – the last thing you want is for Bucks and Hens to be able to blend in with your group and other players!

If your group wants to take it to the next level, bring your special outfit for the Buck or Hen to wear. We are more than happy to have them play in fancy dress as long as their face mask fits.

If you have a friend who’s about to tie the knot, Paintball is one of the easiest activities to organise when booking with us. It isn’t hard, and everyone loves a good Bucks or Hens party. Get your friends together & let the games begin!


Spitfire Party Packages are the supreme Paintball & Go-Kart Party Package designed to give you all the things you want to do at a heavily discounted price.

As the only combined Paintball & Go Kart Destination, we offer a range of Paintball and Go Kart packs perfect for Bucks Parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events or just for a social day out.

Spitfire Paintball is Australia’s ONLY dedicated Reball Fields.

The reason you should book your Paintball Bucks Party at Spitfire is simple. We are the BIGGEST Indoor Paintball facility in all of NSW, we offer the latest and most excellent equipment, and we are the only Reball field around. What’s Reball, well it’s Paintball without the messy & smelly Paint. The same guns, same rules, same fields, some jaw clenching impact – just without the splatter.

How do you know you’ve been hit tho??? Easy, if you hit, you will know about it; it gives that sting just like regular Paintballs, so when the impact occurs, the reaction will follow!!!

Bucks Parties at Spitfire have been famous for years, and the reason we are the number 1 choice when it comes to hosting the Ultimate Bucks Party event has been easy for years.

Spitfire Paintball & Go Karts, the Original, Best, Biggest and ONLY Reball field.

What else;

Well Transport is sorted – we are only 200 metres from Concord West Train Station, with the fantastic Concord West Hotel across the road (so grab a beer & Counter Meal before taking your party to the big smoke!!!)

We have a huge car park, so bring your car, bus, bike, camper, hovercraft, helicopter or jet pack, we have room to stack it all in.

We are about fun; we don’t instruct our team members to take control over you, it’s your day, we know you want to have fun, so we want to have fun in your Paintball Games also.

Unlimited Paintballs – need we say more – it’s that simple, book the field for an hour or two, and we will give you UNLIMITED PAINTBALLS (as in play as much Paintball and shoot until the cows come home – it’s Unlimited Paintball!!!)

We’re only 10 minutes by train to the City & 10 Minutes by train to Parramatta.

People keep coming back for their Bucks Parties and Events, and we are inundated with a request because we continue to provide the best Paintball experience and can host your Bucks Party better than anyone.

Just remember book in early – the Field and Track book out quickly.

Aussie Paintball

At Aussie Paintball, we know how to provide you with a great Buck’s or Hen’s party experience. As the organiser, you’ll have the satisfaction of giving your Buck/Hen a great day to remember.


Free Hire of Novelty costume for the Buck/Hen to help them stand out, some of the costume choices are Tutu, Rabbit, Hen, Huge target and many more.

Become an exclusive group by Organising 24 or more players, and you will have the fields to yourselves with your referee as a single game.

Die Hard Indoor Paintball

Die Hard Indoor Paintball is one of Australia’s best 2-level indoor paintball centres. The entire field is entirely linked by bridges, runways and platforms, which make our 4-dimensional field like no other. We are situated 10km south of the CBD right in the heart of Sydney, making it corporate party central. Die Hard Paintball is only a 15-minute train or taxi ride from the city.

Our paintballing battlefield can easily cater for small groups, as well as larger parties for our corporate clients, while our air-conditioned corporate room and separate paintball party room, can also be utilised for conferences and other entertainment.

Die Hard Indoor Paintball Sydney specializes in corporate / team building activities, bucks days, teen parties (12 years and up) and any customer wishing to play a game. We have a kiosk for snacks and beverages, as well as many catering options for our corporate customers, bucks days and parties.

Bucks Party Sydney

Giving your mate an unforgettable Bucks party is your ultimate duty as best man. If you’re looking for a great Bucks party idea, then think Paintball in Sydney with a party bus. This is a great way to give your best mate an unforgettable party experience, to send him off into the world of the married man in style. And it’s also an experience that all of the attendees will enjoy. With a day full of adrenaline, alcohol, and good times, you’ll show the man of the hour just how much he’ll be missing once he leaves his singleness behind.

Axe Throwing Bucks Event in Sydney

bucks party axe throwing

Have you ever been at the pub throwing a few competitive darts around and thought, ‘yeah, darts is a sweet way to pass the time, but it just lacks a bit of danger? I wish I could step it up a notch.’ One way is to put your hand upon the board and see who can throw a dart between your fingers. We do not recommend it. The other is to give the sport of axe throwing a hurl! It’s primitive, it’s fun and will challenge all.

Throw Axe HQ

Want a fun and exciting group activity for your next event? Throw Axes! We specialize in corporate events, team building, hens/bucks parties, birthday parties, social events and more.


Meet Your Coach Your group will be greeted by one of our Axe throwing coaches who will be with you for the whole session.

The Tour Your private coach will show your group around the facility and go over some vital information, including getting all group members to fill out one of our waiver of liability forms.

Your journey begins Your private axe throwing coach demonstrates the fundamentals of axe throwing. From the anatomy of an AXE, to how to find the perfect throwing position, as well as style and stance.

Tournament time! In your 2 hour session, we will have some free throw practice and run a few fun games, finishing with a mini-tournament so you can crown a winner for the day!

Chill out! After your 2 hour session, you are welcome to hang out in our chill-out zone with your group. Sit back, relax and have a few cold (non-alcoholic) beers and refreshments.

Photos Feel free to take any pictures with some of our funky props and awesome backdrops around the place for your social media! Remember to tag Throw Axe.

Maniax in Sydney

MANIAX was the first Urban Axe Throwing company in Australia, established in 2014 in Sydney NSW. We are also the largest in Australia, with venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and soon Adelaide. We’ve had close to 300,000 people through our doors across Australia, which equates to approx 15 million axes thrown! That’s with no significant axe-idents beyond a splinter.

MANIAX Axe Throwing is about getting together with friends and doing something different. When you sink your first bullseye, you’ll be hooked.

We specialise in private events where you and your mates get a fully hosted Axe Throwing “Axe-perience.” It starts with individual coaching and target practice; you’ll then play a tournament against your friends to see who wins bragging rights as the champion axe thrower.

Don’t have enough for a group session? – That’s ok; we do individual/small group sessions too where you’ll join up with other like-minded axe throwers for an awesome session of throwing.

Sydney Archery Day Bucks Event

archery bucks day event

Someone in the bucks party starting to get on your nerves? Nothing solves a little aggression like an archery tag. 

Archery Attack – Sydney

If you’re looking for a great bucks party, look no further than Archery Attack! We have the perfect experience for you and your bucks, and you’ll love every minute of an Archery Attack session.

We know how important it is to put on the best bucks party possible. We also know that a significant part of that is getting to give the Buck a real server! Archery Attack is perfect for that! You and your party will be loaded up with our awesome bows and custom foam-tipped arrows, and taken through a bunch of different games and challenges where you’ll get to go head to head. You’ll be dodging and diving, roaming the battlefield with and getting to shoot your mates. Most importantly, though, we have the buck hunt, so you’ll be able to give it to the man of the evening!

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the highest quality equipment. The kit is mobile, and we travel to venues inside and outside and serve the metropolitan Sydney area bringing exciting, action-packed Arrow Tag to you!

We can host events in the suburbs, including Bondi & the Eastern Suburbs, Alexandria, Glebe and the Inner West, Manly, Narrabeen, Northern Beaches, Hills District, Penrith and further afield.

You can play Arrow Tag at your local park, gym, oval, home or work venue (indoors and outdoors). We can help suggest some areas if you’re stuck for ideas.

Archery Warz

Are you planning a Buck’s Day for your best mate and looking to deliver the group something with the intensity of Paintball that doesn’t break the bank? Bow Tag Archery Warz is live-action and player vs. player archery. 

Sessions are usually 60-90 minutes in length and run at locations all across Melbourne and Canberra. Many of our sites have fully licensed bars or are close-by to popular bars and restaurants. You can combine Archery Warz with Bubble Soccer and Soccer Pool and make further savings by doing multiple activities at the one location.

Archery Warfare

Combat Archery is a team-based sport that offers a competitive, combative experience. The concept of the competition is similar to a game of dodgeball but is played with bows and foam-tipped arrows.

Combat Archery is an opportunity for people to experience how archery was used initially for combat. Teams battle in an elimination-style format that is safe, yet adrenaline pumping and oh so addictive!!

Archery Games

Planning the big day before the actual Big Day? If your Groom is looking for something a little different, intense and active, then Archery Tag is your answer.

Who’s this for?

Your Buck or Hen will hail you a hero for organizing the most incredible day for them. If you’ve got a group of let’s say 10 or 20 guests, we’ll host an Archery Tag event at a Sydney location of your choice, indoors or out.

Sydney Harbour Boat Cruise Bucks Party


One of the top activities to do for a bucks party in Sydney. Private boat cruise with strippers and topless barmaids. Cruise around Sydney Harbour for 3 hours with plenty of drinks, food and entertainment. Gobananas has some amazing boat packages incorporating all of that. Most of the boats leave from Kings Street Wharf so nice and handy for later on hitting the bars and night clubs.

Choose from a great selection of party boats that are uniquely suited to a bucks party – we have the top party boats in Sydney, and this will make your bucks day unforgettable.

5 Star Cruises

From your best mates’ bucks do to corporate events and everything in between; when it comes to Sydney harbour boat cruises, 5 Star Cruises are the creme-de-la-creme.

With a fleet of luxury boats at our beck and call, a host of veteran party planners on standby, and a little black book filled to the brim with the names of the hottest waiting staff in Sydney; booking your next event with us will ensure that your party planning prowess is the talk of the town.

Bucks Cruises Sydney

There comes a time in most men’s lives when they take the plunge and decide to get married. Before the big day comes, they need to have a large, awesome party to celebrate their single life, and the new path their life will be taking. Bucks cruise Sydney offers Sydney’s best Bucks cruises for the bachelor and his friends. They also offer cruises for other occasions, such as a guy’s night out, a birthday party, or to have a big celebration. It takes a lot of effort and planning to throw a party that will be a hit with everyone.

Bucks cruise Sydney offers a wide variety of party options for their Bucks parties. It is the different party boat options that make them Sydney’s best Bucks cruise company. The average Bucks cruise will generally include various forms of entertainment, beautiful waitresses and other staff members, food and drink. Of course, the exact plan for the evening, or the day, would be up to the event planner. The cruise can stay entirely on the water, or it can include some stops along the way for fun-filled attractions on the shore.


Just before tying the knot, you need a bucks party to remember with all of the boys! If you’re looking for bucks party ideas in Sydney, our catamarans are a perfect idea! The Rockfish boats are very spacious and can have up to 20-30 people. Our boats are fitted with speakers and a Bluetooth connection for your favourite party mixes. Bring your food and drinks, or we can cater for you. If you want to break the rules a little, we can organize some entertainment for you, whether it be to serve drinks or to perform a bit of a show we can sort this out for you!

Meet the most relaxed crew ever when your cruise starts and then we will head out past the Harbour Bridge and find the perfect spot for you to have a BBQ and a swim. Chill out with your mates and enjoy the backdrop of Sydney Harbour. What would be better than spending your day out with your mates than this private party on Sydney Harbour? Just remember, what happens on the boat, stays on the boat!


Sydney’s best value bucks party cruise with dinner, drinks and entertainment included!  

If you are looking for an unforgettable night with your mates to celebrate a bucks party, then look no further than our Bucks Party Cruise! With over 30 years of experience, we are second-to-none for delivering the best bucks party cruises in Sydney! There are no hidden extras with our journeys as every aspect is already included in the price!

Go-Karting Bucks Event, Sydney

go karting bucks event

Dominate the competition (or just your friends) on the racetrack. A place like K1 allows you and your buddies to battle it out in fast cars that go up to 45 km/h. It’s what you wish your morning commute could be like fast lanes and no traffic.

Racing and food – what’s not to love? The track at Ultimate Karting in Sydney is designed and built specifically for challenging laps that reward the skilled and the daring. The karts are world-class, top of the line models from French manufacturer Sodi, and you’ll be taking corners close to the ground at over 50 kilometres per hour on some of the quicker turns.

A stag do is nothing without good food and drink, so make your way to the Juicy Goose to celebrate your wins (i.e., gloat and collect your bets) for a refreshing pint and something delicious from the menu.

Outdoor Go-Karts Sydney

If you are bored with doing the same activity for fun with your friends, why not try go-karting? Experience the thrill and adrenaline rush of racing karts on a racetrack. With our Outdoor Go Karting packages in Sydney, you and your mates can have the activity that tops them all! Outdoor Go-Karts Sydney offers a lot of fun for men looking for a great way to have fun while hanging out with their mates. Rather than going to traditional gentleman’s parties or clubs, you and your Bucks party can head over to Outdoor Go-Karts Sydney for a unique type of karting fun.

You are assured of having a great time when you schedule our Outdoor Go-Karts Sydney. This is the best go-kart packages day and night, which is packed with lots of fun activities that you and your friends will undoubtedly enjoy. While often considered as an activity for kids, go-karting is a favourite activity for many drivers and can be quite exciting for all skill levels, particularly men. When you’re looking for something fun to do with your friends, or you’re looking for serious race competition, go-karting can fill your time with plenty of excitement. You and your mates will each get to have two heats during the race. You’ll get to receive double points during the second heat. A trophy is awarded to the winner at the end of the competition.

With your package of Outdoor Go-Karts Sydney, you’ll get to enjoy a great lunch at one of Sydney’s popular pubs, and you’ll be served great food and good drinks. You’ll get reserved seating so you can get faster and better service. You and your mates can relax and have a great time reminiscing about your go-karts race and enjoying hanging out together. After lunch, you’ll have the opportunity to hang out at two pubs. This is an excellent way to keep the party alive while having a good time with your friends. The legendary party bus provides transportation to the pubs, so you shouldn’t have to worry about how to get there. You have to relax, enjoy fine drinks with your friends, and the party bus will you all Home when you’re done with your pub crawl. That’s a full day of excellent, manly fun.

The Outdoor Go-Karts Sydney trip starts early at 8:30 am and continues until 5:30 pm, allowing you plenty of time to participate in go-kart racing, and also enjoy good lunch and a pub crawl. A tour guide can photograph the entire event so you’ll have the pictures for your memory of the game and the excellent time. Your fun day with outdoor go-karts begins with being picked up by the popular party bus, which plays great music to put you and your mates in a party mood.

Fast Lane Karting

We have the ultimate men’s experience in Sydney! Here at Fastlane Karting, we now have the Ultimate Man Cave Package providing the best place in Sydney for you and your mates to gather for a Bucks party, birthday or corporate event that will never be forgotten! Our Ultimate Man Cave Package includes go-karting with a complimentary pizza lunch, sexy flag girl, pool table and pool comp, air hockey table, driving and shooting games! With our Buck’s night games, you can get your game on in the new MAN CAVE VIP AREA that will cater to your every need, including the best go karting in the Sydney region, based in Campbelltown.

Fastlane Karting caters for all speeds of life, not just the thrill-seekers. You can take the wheel in some on-track racing action, cheer on your teammates from the trackside viewing areas or take advantage of the networking opportunities in our function room.

Ultimate Karting Sydney

It’s a special event in a man’s life, one final night to blow off some steam and act up a little before he marries the love of his life. Some are more wild than others, but the end goal is the same – to celebrate the next big step in the guest of honour’s life.

Yep, you guessed it — the bucks party.

Boys will be boys, and all boys (even big ones) love revving their engines, picking up speed and having a great time with their mates.

What better way to incorporate these interests into one action-packed bash than a bucks party at Ultimate Karting Sydney?

Throw a bucks party to remember

Coming up with bucks party ideas can be tricky business.

You need to take into consideration the interests of each of the party attendees, as well as the Buck himself, of course. You’ll inevitably have some boys who enjoy a more low-key event, while others prefer to go all-out to celebrate their mate’s upcoming nuptials.

Meet in the middle with a single bucks party at Ultimate Karting Sydney, the experts in extreme indoor go-karting in Sydney!

Bucks party packages at Ultimate Karting Sydney

At UKS, we offer exciting two bucks party package options that are sure to impress the lads.

Our basic ‘Star’ package makes for a fantastic starting-off point for a bucks day out, with a qualifying session, race session, medals presentation, license, personal balaclava and a drink all included.

Fancy treating your crew? Upgrade to the ‘Superstar’ package and enjoy all of the inclusions, as mentioned above, plus an additional race session and breakfast and drinks provided.

It will also please party guests to learn that Ultimate Karting Sydney is a fully-licensed venue, so enjoying a tipple or two trackside is just another perk!

Each of our bucks party package options is reserved for groups of ten or more, so round up your pals and head down to our Western Sydney go-karting location for a heart-pumping day out.

Get Loose

Sydney’s Best Value Go-Karts Package

Go-Karts, Games, Food, Sexy Hostess, Party Shuttle, Drinks, Girls & Show

Adrenalin packed Day & Night Package. Start the day with a Private Go-Karts Track in Sydney, Games, Pizza & Sexy Hostess included. Party on with a Shuttle Bus to our Bucks Playhouse with Unlimited Premium Drinks, Pizza Platters, Lingerie Hostesses, & Private Show for the Buck.

Why Party With Us

Get Loose has a large and exclusive network of venues, boats, daytime activities, entertainers, clubs and transport providers. We’ve organised parties for tens of thousands of people since 2013, including Australian sports and TV personalities. As seen on Channel 9 and SBS, we’ve even helped MTV throw a bucks party for Ted, the movie star!

Know What You’re Getting

Get Loose is very transparent with the venues we offer you, and our pricing is evident (there are no hidden fees). Explore our website to see exactly what you’re paying for. Don’t book a package without knowing what the venue looks like!

Industry Leading Reviews

Get Loose maintains the highest ratings and reviews in the party planning industry. Our success lies in working only with high quality and reliable suppliers (many exclusive to Get Loose), employing only the best people in the industry, and providing service that is personal, attentive and caring.

We encourage you to do your research before booking a party with anyone. Take the time to read reviews because they will give you the best indication of the experience that will be delivered to you.

Our Values Trust & Respect: We listen to our clients and are honest about what we can deliver. Integrity: We know our reputation depends on the quality of our partners, suppliers and people. Accountability/Responsibility: We will not let clients feel let down. Any issues will be addressed promptly. Be the client/focus on the client: All else will follow.

Our Suppliers We only work with suppliers that have strong reputations in their rights – experts and perfectionists like we are. We screen all our suppliers carefully as your experience with them is a direct reflection of your experience with Get Loose.

We get to know the people behind the businesses we work with, and we don’t do business with people that don’t share our values.

Our People We believe we employ the best people in the industry – read our reviews or judge for yourself once you’ve attended one of our events.

Our people represent our brand, and they are employed on the basis that they understand this. We use a combination of registered employees, independent contractors and booking agencies. Our screening and training process ensures we are only engaging in professional people. We have comprehensive agreements with our people to reinforce our expectations.

At venues that Get Loose does not employ people directly; we trust our suppliers to deliver on our behalf. We encourage any feedback.

Our Service All clients have a personal party planner to provide personalised service. Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, so we care about your expectations and experiences (please read our values).

Get Loose does not own any of the venues we offer you. While this means we are not biased with what we offer, it also means we have a responsibility to represent our suppliers professionally and adequately. Reputable suppliers are careful with who they work with, so we have an obligation to them as we do our clients.

Get Loose is the exclusive party planner for many venues, and we employ our staff at those venues, so we do have a certain level of control over clients’ experiences (please enquire about which venues these include and what our capacity is at each site).

Local Expertise Get loose is based in Sydney, but our party planners meet our key Melbourne partners every month. We know what’s hot and what’s not in each city, and we take the time to build relationships with our suppliers so that we can offer expert service.

Less Work More Play Don’t stress looking for the best deals and thrills because we’ve done that for you. Just get loose and enjoy the party. We have the local expertise and connections to save you the time on all the research and negotiating that comes with planning a party. Many of our packages are also exclusive to Get Loose, so you are guaranteed a unique experience.