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Pennant Pattern Overview, Characteristics, Trading Strategies

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In the event that it does, the chances of a significant rebound in the pennant trading strategy of the prior trend begins to diminish. As a result we will use the 50% retracement level as our maximum limit for trading the pattern. As we’ve mentioned earlier a pennant pattern is similar to a symmetrical triangle formation. However, the duration of a pennant pattern is typically much less than the duration of a traditional triangle structure. The trendlines that comprise the pennant formation are contracting in nature.


It’s east to get confused with bullish pennant Forex chart pattern with the bull flag Forex chart pattern formation, they are different. I generally consider flags and any pennant pattern as simple consolidations in price. Now that our two primary trading filters have passed the test, we want to prepare ourselves for a downside break to enter a short position. The sell order to go short occurs when the price breaks below and closes below the support line of the pennant pattern.

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That being said, as this pattern forms over a relatively brief period, it can be challenging at times to determine its presence while the pattern is still in formation. Therefore, although beginner and expert traders can all use this chart pattern alike, having some experience with this pattern makes identifying and trading it all the more simple. “Bullish” is a trading term used to refer to a market where there is an uptrend in the price of the asset. A Bullish Pennant, therefore, is a continuation pattern that occurs during a strong uptrend and signals the continuation of this uptrend at the end of the pattern. The FractalSupportResistance custom indicator lines is used to measure support and resistance. Its pole and support and resistance trend lines were easily identifiable by looking at the pattern formed.

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The duration of a pennant pattern is often much less than that of a traditional triangle formation. As such it should be a relatively brief pause in the price action rather than a sustained sideways price movement. In addition, the volatility within the pennant formations often decreases as the pattern progresses.

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Moreover, in case of a breakout, you should look out for confirmatory signals of bearish pennants by analysing average trading volumes. Notice on the image above, the bullish pennant pattern occurs after a sharp price move to the upside. Also notice how the bullish pennant pattern appears as a short symmetrical triangle. Can you see how the upper resistance trendline is sloping downward, while the lower support trendline is sloping upward? This creates a convergence of the two trendlines that will lead to a breakout near the apex point.

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The initial move must be met with large volume while the pennant should have weakening volume, followed by a large increase in volume during the breakout. Pennants are continuation patterns where a period of consolidation is followed by a breakout used in technical analysis. Unlike trading other chart patterns, the original range of a pennant is rarely used to plan where to take profit. Instead, the breakout often matches the size of the bear or bull move that preceded the consolidation.


Continuation and reversal patterns are two types of chart patterns that traders use to identify potential entry points. The price of the asset keeps on increasing, thus forming a bullish flagpole. It occurs when markets are making an extensive move on the higher side; subsequently, price movement halts and consolidates when support and resistance trend lines converge. Flags and pennants occur frequently on currency and commodity charts.

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If price bounces off the support level of the FractalSupportResistance custom indicator. If the Flag and Pennant custom indicator forms a downward channel, it indicates a sell entry. The strategy is exactly the same for a bear pennant, with one exception.

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The flagpole is the vertical distance between the highest peak and lowest trough. It is created by a sharp increase in price, followed by a period of consolidation. Southcorp Limited forms a pennant at the upper end of a trading range and then forms a second pennant after the breakout. For pennants, place a stop-loss just outside the trendline, in line with the point of entry, on the opposite side to the expected breakout.

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Trading the pennant pattern isn’t a slam dunk – you’ll still need to remember a few rules and be cautious of false patterns. When you’re looking for something, it’s easier to see it when it’s not really there. By September, the consolidation phase of the trend ended when the resistance level was broken in a series of three straight sessions with big gains. This signals that the market momentum is shifting to the downside, and that prices will fall hard after a short pullback. A “reversal breakdown” can occur anytime if prices start to fall, breaking through the lower trend line.

Top Pullback Trading StrategiesPullback trading strategies provide traders with ideal entry points to trade along with the existing trend. How to Use Martingale Strategy For TradingThe Martingale strategy acts as a popular high-risk trading strategy used in various financial markets including Forex and stocks. The Pennant Forex Trading Strategy is easy to learn and with a little practice could be all you need to make a living trading. We talked briefly about support and resistance areas with this strategy, and if you still are not quite grasping what we mean, check out the Rabbit Trail Strategy that talks a lot about this. We discussed this in our other article that talks about traders making trading decisions at certain places on the charts. Think about it, everyone is looking at the same charts and are seeing the same thing.

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Notice how the price reaches our second target, and soon afterwards begins to find demand in the market from buyers that act to push the price higher once again. We want to see a break and close below the support line to confirm a valid bearish pennant. The target price measurement works similar to the method we discussed earlier. the simple bullish pennant mt4 chart pattern should be relatively easy. The one simple thing you should make sure of is that the market is in an uptrend. This consecutive rebound and consequent drop in prices continuously shrink in size, paving the way for the convergence of the two trendlines. Eventually, a breakout occurs, and asset prices start on an upward trajectory.