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Planning Your Wedding Venue With Airbnb

With over 150 million users and 7 million properties to choose from, it’s easy to see why Airbnb has become so popular in recent years. A world of opportunities awaits you in just a few clicks, including an explosion of rare and unique venues that you won’t find anywhere else.


As a result, it is becoming increasingly popular for event planning, including weddings.



When it comes to wedding planning, Airbnb can be of great assistance, from finding a place for you to stay on your wedding night to finding a house to share with your closest friends and family, finding local accommodation for guests, and even finding a place to get married.


If you’re thinking about finding a wedding venue on Airbnb, keep in mind that venues aren’t always geared towards weddings, so you’ll need to plan ahead of time and anticipate the experience for guests, as well as put in more work yourself than if you hired a traditional wedding venue. Although it is entirely possible, here is what you should know.



Before you begin your search, you should make a list of all of your wedding day requirements. Prioritize these so you can easily navigate the website’s many properties and avoid getting sidetracked. It could be a venue in another country or a small elopement outside; how many people would you like the venue to sleep? Do you want to rent a marquee? It is critical to consider these factors in order to narrow your search and understand whether the venue can accommodate them.


Make a list of 3-5 must-haves and use it as the foundation for your venue search. Similarly, decide what you’re willing to give up. This could include plus-one guests, a free bar, or on-site lodging. Finally, have a rough budget in mind so you can narrow down your search.



When looking at Airbnb venues, it is critical to be upfront about your intended use. Some venues, understandably, may be wary of renting to a wedding party, and there may be restrictions in place, such as live music and catering, so be open and honest about your plans when speaking with venue holders.


Embrace the odd! One of the benefits of using Airbnb is the ability to host an unforgettable wedding in an unusual or exciting location. As a result, consider locations that are unique to the website, which will awe guests and make your big day extra special. Whether it’s a treehouse in the woods, a glamping retreat, or a small luxury penthouse with sweeping views of the city skyline.


The backdrop is important for all of those memorable photos you’ll be taking. When looking at venues, consider where they are located, what the backdrop is, and whether or not they have grounds for you to use for beautiful photos.


The ceremony is crucial to the proceedings. As a result, make certain that your venue can accommodate it, no matter what the weather is like on the day. You don’t want to rely on an outdoor venue if you don’t have an indoor option if the heavens open. If you want to marry in a church, consider transportation options to and from the property, as well as parking, to ensure that guests can attend.


Choosing an Airbnb property, like hiring a private venue, will almost certainly imply that you will be responsible for organising the catering yourself. The host should have some recommendations for local caterers, but it’s possible that you’ll need to do some additional research. This includes ensuring that the venue can accommodate your catering needs, as well as allowing outside caterers to come in.


Unlike hotels, most Airbnbs encourage you to stay for more than one night. This could be economically sound as well. Consider extending your wedding to a long weekend, allowing guests to enjoy the settings and the opportunity to get away.


While there are many options on Airbnb, the downside is that many of them are not wedding venues, and some may simply allow them even if they are not set up for such an event. Keep in mind that hiring a wedding planner could be a great benefit because they can take care of things that a traditional wedding venue will already have sorted out, such as:


  • Catering from a mobile bar
  • Rental of tables and chairs
  • Linen rental
  • Extra services for your visitors

Choosing a wedding venue is similar to purchasing a home. As a result, while the photos will sell the property to you, there is no compensation for visiting it in person. This is the best way to get a sense of the property and envision yourself hosting your special day there.


Inquire with the venue about the possibility of inspecting the property. When you visit, consider how you can dress up the property and make it bespoke to your big day. Consider the practicalities as well: does it have enough bathroom facilities, large bedrooms, and a reception area? Are you able to supplement these if not?


If you are considering using Airbnb for wedding planning, consider what you want and why you are looking on there. Are you looking for unique wedding venues, larger venues with onsite accommodation, or a venue you can hire for the week?


There are many places that showcase venues that meet these criteria and are focused on weddings. Finding a house and venue that specialise in weddings will make your life a lot easier and will most likely allow you to have many more options when it comes to planning and creating your dream wedding.