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Top stocks to buy today 15th March 2023: SBI, BEL, United Spirits- Check share price target, stop loss Nooresh Merani’s Sizzling Stocks

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While most investors are already diversifying their investments across asset classes, many are opting for geographical diversification. In other words, they are investing in stocks and securities of different countries such as the USA, Australia, and the UK. This article details how to buy the best US stocks for the long term and things to consider before investing in them. If you are looking for answers for best shares to buy in 2023 in India or which are the best stocks to buy in India 2023, then you have come to right place. We are going to show you best stocks to buy in India for long term investment with highest upside growth potential based on high EPS ratio and low PE ratio. This list will assist you in picking best long term stocks 2023 India and analyzing best performing stocks 2023 India.

  • As 10 years is a long term time horizon, you can invest in equities.
  • Although the number of stocks you may own is low, the high value makes up for substantial gains.
  • In late September, fewer than 8% of components were above this closely watched level.
  • With so many options available, investing in US stocks is as easy as investing in the Indian markets.
  • This ratio is to be assessed in conjunction with the Cost of Equity, which is determined by assessing the required return on equity the investors have.

In the most basic sense, value addition is the difference between the value of raw materials and the value of finished goods. Aradhana Gotur is a Content Writer with 4 years of experience in personal finance, stock markets, and lifestyle areas. Having recognised the power of words, she constantly works on using them to enhance financial awareness among the masses and meet business objectives. One of her greatest strengths is breaking complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way. A blue chip stock is a publicly traded stock that is part of a well-established and financially sound company. These stocks are typically known for their stability, dividend payouts, and strong brand recognition.

Best penny stocks to buy in 2023

As of today, on the ‘Profitability’ score, the Infosys stock scored 7.9/10, a testimony to its growth potential. 81% of analysts have also recommended buying this stock, making it a reliable choice for investors looking to make a profitable investment. Blue chip companies are market leaders in their respective sectors and are very popular among investors. This is because they are well-established and reputed companies having strong financial resources to fend off tough times like recession, inflation, etc., and pay regular dividends to its investors. With international borders blurring, many Indian investors are looking for US stocks to buy and add to their equity portfolio.


The mid cap stock’s 52-week high is Rs 2027 apiece and 52-week low is Rs 1204 apiece, respectively. Very useful, your advise are after critical analysis and not biased for any company. From the list of best companies shortlisted bystocks with high EPS and low PE 2023, you can choose which is best suitable for your portfolio.

One can participate in the US erp software solutions market in two different ways. Companies that are incorporated in the US and are listed on the indices such as S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, and Dow Jones Industrial Average are US stocks. Many global companies that you know have been incorporated in the US. Whether Tesla, Microsoft, or Apple, all have US origin and are listed on the US stock markets. The last trading price of the stock is Rs 2501 apiece with an intraday decline of 2.96%. The company has a market capitalisation of Rs 16,92,411.37 crore.

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It remains focused on improving revenue growth and profitability, driven by high growth segments such as seeds and nutrients. Among the most important factors in evaluating a business is the quality of its management. Assess whether the board of directors and the management are different from each other as the BOD is responsible for larger company decisions while the management is engaged in the daily activities. Hence, the process of running a company involves balancing relationships and interests between the board, the promoters, the management, minority shareholders, auditors as well as other stakeholders. Blue chip stocks have demonstrated a good track record of paying consistent dividends to their investors over the years. Since you’re interested in the top gainers, also check out our recent editorials on top performing midcap stocks of 2023 and top performing smallcap stocks of 2023.

Variation in price is an unpredictable phenomenon experienced by every investor in the stock market. This stock market secret of “keeping the winning stocks and getting away with the losing stocks” will play a vital role in you becoming the successful stock market investor. It is not advisable to chase the hot stocks or hot mutual fund schemes. All stocks and funds go through a performance phase and non-performance phase. A performance phase will be followed by a non-performance phase.

Is it safe to invest in only blue chip stocks?

If your second goal is to buy a sedan in the next three years, then investing in equity funds for this goal might not be the best option. Debt mutual funds that are relatively less volatile than equity funds may help you achieve your goal of buying a sedan. India is the largest producer and consumer of dairy products and currently contributes approx. In the past few years, the processed milk products market has witnessed sustained growth due to increasing urbanization, rising disposable income and proliferation of retail outlets beyond Tier 1 cities. The Company uses the intrinsic strengths of its brands, innovation capabilities, strong distribution network and cost efficiency programs to maintain an edge among peers in the industry. While being well positioned with a strong management team, technology interventions and robust processes.


Thought, we often understand that trading in the stock market is as easy as anything but it’s not the right thing to say. Investor behavior has changed as a result of the shift in market mood. Now an investor needs to have a thorough knowledge of the stock market, how it works and what factors move a company’s stock price. In this blog, we’ll help you understand what is stock trading, what are its types and the important strategies that you should look forward to for 2023.

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The year-to-date gains have been fairly broad based, with only a handful of Nasdaq 100 stocks down double digits thus far in 2023. This has made for an improved technical picture, with about two-thirds of the gauge’s components above their 200-day moving averages. In late September, fewer than 8% of components were above this closely watched level. The modus operandi observed is that once a client pays amount to them, huge profits are shown in his account online inducing more investment. However, they stop responding when client demands return of amount invested and profit earned.

But, being a long term investor you should invest on a regular basis during good and bad times. In the long-term, you will average out the ups and downs of the market. But as described in the previous question, it is suggested to follow a long term stock investment strategy. Prepare yourself with all the required information, before getting into the stock investment game.

There are several advantages to buying gold stocks than the metal itself. To directly invest in the shares of a US company, one would need to open an overseas trading account with either a foreign or an Indian broker. The company has a market capitalisation of Rs 1,75,840.70 crore. The large cap stock has given 175% return in last 5-years, 176% return in last 3-years, and 19% in last 1-year. The company has a market capitalisation of Rs 12,117 crore.

You can avoid overpaying for investment by understanding how to use a company’s market capitalization. No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO. It has recently seen volatility in its refining margins and petchem margins under cost pressures. However, the retail and digital businesses are doing extremely well with the digital business a key contributor to the EBITDA. With the demerger of Jio Financial Services, the stock is already being rerated by most of the leading brokerage houses. It has to be part of any top 5 shares to buy and top 5 shares to buy today.

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Small-cap stocks are lucrative because they offer quick returns and because small companies have more potential to grow. This $100 billion multinational bank not only offers decent dividends to investors but also appears to be a promising value stock in the current market. Typically, when you are considering investing in an international equity market, you can start by analyzing the market sectors. In the USA, some of the top sectors to watch out for include technology, AI, healthcare, food and beverages, and consumer durables. Filling this questionnaire accurately will help us understand your risk tolerance with finance as well as time horizon in investing. This will further help us arrive at an appropriate investment strategy that will meet your financial and lifestyle objectives.

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Be a part of the long-term success story of the company and not capitalize on the current news making situation of the company. Emotional maturity, discipline, continuous preparation and practice are essential to winning the stock market game. Humans have a natural tendency to follow the crowd, but coming to the stock market investing, following the herd can often result in losses. Follow Kalyan Jewellers share price on Angel One’s mobile app.