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What Is the Role of Stability and Reliability Testing in Software Development?

Section 4 contains the theoretical and empirical evaluation of our approach. We conclude the paper and discuss the future work in Section 5. A business manager can determine the stability of their software project only by examining it in an extended time frame. By putting heavy loads on the application and testing the system response, the project team is well-prepared to handle post-release issues. While it is important to isolate functions for performance testing, the individual component test results do not add up to a system-wide assessment.

software stability definition

Notably, alongside these trends comes the increasing demand for software stability. This handy guide will provide you with insights into software stability, its use cases, and best practices, as well as some recommended books on the subject. Not every performance problem can be detected in one performance testing scenario. But resources do limit the amount of testing that can happen. In the middle are a series of performance tests that target the riskiest situations and have the greatest impact on performance.


On the other hand, our evaluation is performed on software coded in Java. This threat has been partially mitigated by the fact that our subject software systems are chosen from different domains and have different sizes. Furthermore, our approach can be generalized to software systems coded in non-Java languages if they can be transformed to a CCN representation. In each pair, there are two different versions with the same set of functionalities.

software stability definition

That workload falls within the parameters of normal working conditions. With a reliable product, you can easily hop on the latest trends and influx of demand. Likewise, your business also benefits in the long run, with lower maintenance costs, higher agility, and cheaper upgrade expenses. Your product should be able to serve its purpose years from now and can also adapt based on the market’s demand. In short, you need to build your product with growth in mind. To check whether is stable, we use the standard deviation of ( for short) to quantify the difference between two independent calculations of .

Products and services

To address this challenge, we define a set of mappings between evolved service APIs based on which the stability changes can be determined. We further specify a generic algorithm that recognises the evolution changes required on the programming clients of the evolved APIs. We finally define an initial version of a suite of metrics that estimate the stability of a service system without assuming the existence of the evolved programming clients. We evaluated our metric theoretically using the widely accepted Weyuker’s criteria, and empirically using a set of open source Java programs.

  • I’ve come to learn that when someone refers to software as ‘stable’, there is more than one quite different thing they might mean.
  • On the other hand, our evaluation is performed on software coded in Java.
  • We have been working on performance testing projects since 2008.
  • This is the measurement of the longest amount of time it takes to fulfill a request.
  • To avoid downtime, you need to know when an issue occurs as it occurs, with enough insight to fix the issue quickly.

Indeed, measures the resistance of a randomly selected node to the amplification of changes. Note that is used to quantify software stability while can be an indirect metric to quantify class stability. In this work, the atomic changes that we consider for CCN are summarized in Table 1. Obviously, all these atomic changes are concern with the changing old nodes, i.e., changing the modifier or content (methods and attributes) of classes. We assume any source code change edits can be decomposed into a set of atomic changes defined in Table 1. Note that AEM, DEM, AA, and DA are considered in this work, simply for they will not affect the topological structure of CCN.

Stability Metrics for Continuous Integration of Service-Oriented Systems

Further, we assume the original and the changed version of software systems are both syntactically correct and compilable. Note that, Algorithm 1 only returns the value of , , , , and . To compute , we should replace step 7 using , where is the index of node .

software stability definition